Tuesday, December 14, 2010

BREAKING DAWN: Chapter 29-Defection

CHAPTER SUMMARY: Many plans are made, I'm bored still.

We open to pretty much where we left off in the last one: with everyone angsting about the Volturi. Suddenly, Alice is gone and we're all worried about her. Not sure why. Then they think the Volturi have arrived. Um...don't they all live in Europe? Whatever. They track Alice and Jasper's trail (vampires apparently have a scent, despite the fact that they're DEAD). Turns out they left. They apparently did this by going into the ocean and crossing it ala the dead pirates in Pirates of the Carribean. Okay. Now there's angsting over Alice and Jasper abandoning them although from what I got from the note they left to find help. Prediction: Alice and Jasper show up with more vamps to help out in the battle that doesn't happen.
Meyer once more tries to allude to classics (and once more fails because she doesn't understand said classic) by having The Merchant of Venice (which Breaking Dawn somehow relates too...) in it. Alice tore page from Bella's copy of it (way to deface books) that had the title and writer and then a note from Alice that says destroy this and a name and address in Seattle. Okay, WHAT?
They go home and there's a lot of nonsense sounding plan making. Emmett and Rose are going to search for nomads (who are of course going to be an scary-savage like ethnic group, I'm betting), Tanya's clan is coming tomorrow apparently. Then Edward (Meyer) takes the time to make sure the reader understands the nomads are not as good as the Cullens and therefore drink human blood (like ACTUAL VAMPIRES).
Later Bella does her not research thing again by going on the internet to find the person Alice mentioned in the note. Big shock, nothing comes up. Meyer puts in a moment with Renesmee (who apparently talks now) and boring chapter ends with her comforting her mother like a good perfect daughter should. Sigh.
WORD LIST: bolstered, infinitesmal
GENERAL ANNOYANCES: the slightly racist tones about the nomads who I bet aren't going to be white

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